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Photo by Kate Sharp

Hey there,

I’m Ellie, and I'm a UK-based branding photographer based in the leafy countryside of Surrey - although I mostly shoot in London. In addition to being a creative, I am fascinated by psychology and a passionate mental health and social impact advocate.


Oh, and side note: I’m totally obsessed with dogs, which if you follow me on social media you’ll already be well aware of.

My journey with photography started almost 10 years ago when I took photography as an A Level in college. I put the camera down for a while afterwards due to lack of inspiration, but came back to it a few years later whilst completing my psychology degree and went on to start this business in 2018!

As well as being a photographer, I am a psychology graduate and certified life coach. This gives me an extra special perspective when it comes to photographing others. Firstly, I understand first-hand how daunting it can be to get ‘proper’ photos taken for a service-based business or brand that feels oh-so personal to you, but I also know how to coach you through this and ensure we get photos that really capture your personality and values.

My ultimate mission is to support you in taking your side-hustle, business, or brand to the next level with authentic imagery that feels good for you.

Photo by Will Alexander

Perhaps you have always felt shy about having your picture taken; you’re worried about feeling super awkward when the lens is pointed at you; or maybe you feel underrepresented in your industry and the idea of putting photos of yourself out there is really scary. At the same time, you also know that high quality imagery is necessary in order to stand out and be taken seriously in your industry. Truth is, most people I work with have these conflicting feelings and although I can’t promise you won’t feel at all nervous, I can say that shortly after we speak and meet in person, you will be feeling way more relaxed and even start ENJOYING it (yes, really!).

I believe the most important aspect of getting excellent imagery for your business or brand is that you feel comfortable and have a great relationship with your photographer. This is what will allow your personality to come through in the photos and ultimately engage your audience and potential clients. So... why not start building that relationship today? 

Feeling ready to take the first step to working with me? Click the button below and fill in my photography discovery form.


Photo by Kate Sharp

"Shooting with Ellie was a dream! She was so friendly and put me 100% at ease. We really enjoyed the time spent together – I managed to mostly forget I was even having my picture taken!

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